Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Work in Progress: Making Foliage

I spent most of the day working in my studio as I needed to make foliage for the background of my textile piece. I hooped some green organza, set the sewing machine on free-motion zigzag 2.0 and proceeded to free-motion small segments to represent tree foliage.  The bobbin had a mid green and the top thread was a darker shade. To get a variation in colour, small torn bits of green tulle were trapped and stitched onto the organza.
When the stitching was finished, I placed a piece of glass on my table and used a burning tool to cut the pieces out. I also turned on the overhead fan and opened the window.
I use various shades of green organza and will sometimes double it depending on the colour I want.
Since I'm not ready to show more of my piece, feast your eyes on the stunning landscapes of the following textile artists:

Scottish artist Moy Mackay
Abstract landscapes by Regina Grewe
Fiber artist, Jane A. Evans
Gilda Baron, author of The Art of Embroidered Flowers
Landscape quilts of Valerie Hearder
Landscapes by British artist, Wendy Dolan

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