Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting Organized

It's a very rainy here today. I just finished some book work and that got me thinking about projects to help with organization, whether it's in the office, around the house or sewing/studio. Recycle where you can. I used to collect Pringle chip tubes, clean them out, and they would hold interfacing and other sewing stuff that was rolled (short stuff). I've been known to save detergent boxes, cut them to hold magazines. That was before my husband got asthma and anything with a scent had to be discarded. However with the abundance of Dollar Stores, it's much easier to get plastic storage containers of all kinds.But if you still wish to make your own 'stuff', here's a few things to do:
Pincushion organizer
Purse Organizer
Denim organizer
Mail Organizer
Pattern Organizer
Organizer Folder: it's called a Cookie Sale Organizer
Car Organizer

Sewing Organizer from Debbie Mumm

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