Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tip of The Day . . . Learned The Hard Way!!

I set my embroidery machine going early this morning as I needed more Polar Bear Shimmers for a June exhibit. Things went well for the first two sets (takes 40 minutes to stitch up a set). On the third set I had a lot of thread breaks and then the needle started to gum up. I wasn't using anything different to suddenly make the needle sticky. Of course, when the needle is sticky, it will not pick up the bobbin thread. So I did a cleaning of the machine and put in a new needle. I figured this would do the trick. No, it did not. Then I had the bright idea of using needle # 2. That did not work either - same thread difficulty. I noticed that the problem was is a certain section of the hoop. I had used Aqua Magic water soluble stabilizer to hold my base fabric and there was a factory join near one end. I picked at this. A sticky glue was holding the joined parts together. Problem solved! But it was a costly problem, time wise for me as I'm trying to get my textile piece completed by tomorrow at the latest.

Tip: cut off any factory joins when using a stabilizer such as Aqua Magic!!
I use this stabilizer a lot. It's great to embroider on either from the machine or by hand. When the stabilizer is washed away, you have some interesting embroidery to add to a piece. Check out stabilizer descriptions & uses.

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