Tuesday, May 11, 2010

View From The Rooms

I wasn't quite satisfied with the photo I am working from to do my textile piece so decided to visit The Rooms again to do more photography. Since it's not the tourist season yet, I had to get permission to go out on the balcony. This was the perfect time of year to get architectural details as the leaves are not out on the trees. St. John's has a lot of trees which masks details. Even though it was a dull day, I'm quite pleased with the photos.
The first one gives a partial view of the harbour.
The next photo is a closeup of some of the houses I'm doing. I'm glad I took newer photos as some homeowners have put new colours on their homes. I discovered that the pink house in my textile piece is now a toned down creamy colour.This is the downtown section of the city and has very old homes.

I included the third photo so you could see Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in the background.

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