Thursday, May 6, 2010

Books - # 2

Here's another section of my bookshelf. It looks sort of funny having the image on its side but it is easier to read than turning your neck to see the titles. These books are on a top shelf and are in not particular order. I guess it's time to reorganize! Too many other things to do. Every time I get myself 'organized', I can't find anything.
I have a lot of books on design and surface embellishment as well as machine embroidery.
 The Art of Annemieke Mein is a very interesting book. This link is a result of a search I did using the Bing search engine. As you will see, she has fantastic textile art.
I like the embroidery of Richard Box, British artist. Check out this video from You Tube. I have his book, Flowers for Embroidery. It's on this shelf.
My sister gave me Applique - The basics & beyond by Janet Pittman. I have done applique but usually something of my own design. Check out the Applique Society for some free patterns.

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