Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle Harbour, Labrador

I will be having some of my shimmers ornaments at Battle Harbour, Labrador this coming tourist season.  Battle Harbour is one of Newfoundland and Labrador's Heritage Properties. In the 1770's, the mercantile salt fish premises at Battle Harbour were established by the firm of John Slade & Company of Poole, England. "Battle Harbour served as the gateway for Newfoundlanders seeking to fish unmolested in the resource rich waters of Labrador." Because of it's rich fishing history, the shimmers selected for the historic properties are: whale, cod fish, dory and polar bear. The polar bear is my newest ornament, made especially for this venue but will also be found in St. John's as well.

To view some art work on salt fish, visit Janet Davis's Norton's Cove Studio. Scroll down to see Lineage and the rest of her work on salt cod. Also, of interest is Janet's Salt Cod Study.

If you are interested in making a dish using salt cod, check here.

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