Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day

This is the 24th of May holiday weekend in Canada, officially called Victoria Day. This holiday has been observed since before Canada was formed. For the history buffs among us, click on the Victoria Day link for some information about this special day. Here in Newfoundland, it is traditionally the time when the camping parks open up and the more adventurous (who don't mind the weather) head out for their favorite camping ground. Me, I like my creature comforts too much to take to the woods on the 24th. I prefer to stay home and work in my studio.
Here's one of my fish wall hangings that I made for an exhibit a few years ago. The fish are slightly stuffed to give a 3-D effect. It was purchased and is part of a private collection.
To celebrate this holiday, here are links to some camping/fishing quilts and stitching:
 Children's Fishing Pond from Husqvarna Viking
Fishing Lure # 8 from Four Twin Sisters
Fighting Fish Applique by Annette Truong.
Fish Block

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