Sunday, May 16, 2010

More on Surface Embellishment

I just sat down to the computer wondering what I would write about today. Ideas don't always spring to the page immediately. However, this one is a follow-up to a previous post on Surface Embellishment and the idea appeared in my mail this morning. I get frequent newsletters from various groups that I've joined. Sometimes I even get a chance to read them! Today I received the latest news from 3 Creative Studios which included the Technique of the Month project page. You can download any of the free project files and work through them or file them away for a rainy day (we are having quite a few of those)! The project this time is water color crayons and Shiva paint sticks. The other projects listed are: Painted Quilt Batting; Metallic Painted Effects; Painted Lace Surfaces; Printing on Fabric and this months, technique # 5 using crayons and paint sticks.
Check out the free projects on this site as well. Here's their blog. You might find it interesting. Have fun!

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