Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tea & Sale

Today was 'set-up' at the Anna Templeton Center for the Christmas Tea & Sale, starting tomorrow. I forgot to take light bulbs for the lights. Thank goodness it doesn't open until 12pm so I will be able to get that done. I'm on the third floor AND there is an elevator! Hope to see some of my friends there this weekend.

Interested in some more links?

Since I'm not working on any new Christmas projects at the moment, have a look at the cross stitch tree I did back in the mid 90's. It was worked on glittery cross stitch fabric and is approximately 11" x 15". It was a lot of work but is a favorite of mine. I bought the tiny charms in the USA on one of my trips.


  1. Your Snow Happens piece is delightful and the quilting turned out perfectly. Good luck with the tea and sale.

  2. Beautiful tree! I can see why it would be a favourite (and I can also see that there are a LOT of stitches in it!). Thanks, as always, for the links - I'm going to have to come back and spend more time looking through them.