Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Book

I received several books for Christmas. Embroidered Landscapes, Hand Embroidery, Layering & Surface Stitching by Judy Wilford, is one of them. This hard covered book, with 287 pages, has lots of coloured photos and sketches. I've haven't had time to really get into this book but I can see that it will be a great reference. I'm especially interested in her stitching of various plants, grasses and trees. It's a great book for the beginner and experienced embroiderer interested in creating small landscapes.

Judy Wilford has 30 years of experimentation, refinement, and tutoring under her belt, and her process combines and adapts different genres, textiles, traditional stitches, and embroidery styles. Part 1 covers the materials and equipment, lays out a simple landscape, and demonstrates background layering and surface stitching. The second section contains a range of projects, each developing and extending the various techniques. 


  1. This one looks really interesting - will have to see if our library happens to have a copy. I was gifted with a couple of classes at Craftsy and one of them is about creating pictures in fabric...this book might be a good thing to check out to go along with the class.

  2. I'll be really interested to see what you stitch with her techniques. I loved looking through this book, but didn't buy it because I am not that dedicated to that style embroidery. Nice to get book gifts!
    xx, Carol

  3. I love the look of this book. I'll have to check it out.