Sunday, December 4, 2016

Snow Happens

Finally, my UFO is pieced together, sandwiched and ready for quilting. Now I'm stumped! How will I quilt it? Any help would be much appreciated.

'Snow Happens' is a Bird & Brain Designs by Robin Kingsley.

four of the fabrics used in the border
A few snow related projects:


  1. What a lovely piece! "Red work" is on my list of things to try and after seeing what you've done, I think it's moved higher up on the list. Beautifully done!

  2. I LOVE it. If you want light quilting you could make some horizontal lines on the "ground" to represent snow drifts and outline clouds in the sky. Then do some simple straight line quilting on either side of the triangles in the border.......did that make sense?

  3. It's gorgeous, Judy! If it was mine to quilt, I would do some tiny spirals or stippling in the white area of the border and for the background of the centre stitchery, a loop-de-loop with a star here and there.

  4. Lovely! If it were me, I'd start by stitching in the ditches around the skinny blue border and the white border next to it. In the center I'd quilt a horizon line and then fill in with gentle "snow drifts" beneath the line, and small loops with snowflakes or stars above it (around the snowmen). I'd be tempted to do individual snowflakes in the blue squares, and then fill in the white triangles above and below with L's or little feathers. I'd probably use continuous swirls in the white border next to the blue one. Lots of possibilities! No matter what you do it will be adorable! Have fun doing YOUR favourite designs! :-)