Sunday, December 25, 2016

Solidwool Ornament

I received a very interesting Christmas Ornament today, from my nephew living in London, England. He knows me very well. When he saw this beautiful Solidwool (yes, wool not wood) tree bauble at a local market, he knew it had my name on it. The tree bauble is one of two classic Christmas designs and in limited numbers (they are sold out according to the website)

I did a bit of research on how it was made. 

"Solidwool is a unique, composite material. A new way of working with wool.
You could say it's like fibreglass, but with wool as the reinforcement instead of glass.

Left with a small batch of waste Solidwool material, they've created a limited number of Christmas Baubles to put the material to use. These are cut and laser etched by Cut by Beam in Cornwall, painted by hand and finished with a black Twool string made from Dartmoor wool.

Very interesting.
Thanks, David, I love it!!



  1. I'd never heard of it so thanks for sharing.

  2. Took a minute for it to register that it is wool and not wood! Perfect way to use something that might otherwise be trashed.