Friday, May 29, 2015

View From Signal Hill

It was sunny but cool today. There was an iceberg off shore so I decided to go have a look. It was far off shore and I didn't get a good photo. However, the view was worth the trek up Signal Hill. You can see where Newfoundland gets the nickname 'The Rock' from the first photo. A large portion of the landscape is exposed rock.

The farthest point is Cape Spear, most easterly point in North America.

Cabot Tower

Looking west toward St. John's harbour


  1. Amazing views. We got east once but didn't make it as far as Newfoundland. It's on my bucket list to go back.

  2. Amazing views. Yes I can see the iceberg.

  3. Was in St. John's a couple of times about 10 years ago. Loved the city! Was lucky to be there in June once when the ice burgs were around. I was staying at a little hotel on the edge of a pond not far from the airport. Was totally thrilled to hear the tremendous noise and Echo when a burg broke apart! Wow!!

  4. Judy, I was actually in St. John's on business for a week the year you had a whopping amount of snow (400 or 500 cm of snow- 2003, 2004?) and I stayed at the Delta downtown. To go shopping or to dinner downtown, had to walk thru that busy crazy intersection ON THE ROAD and when I finally made it to the other side, had to climb up about 2 or 3 feet of snow on the sidewalks. It was crazy in places! AND COLD! Spent a lot of time at the hotel having cod tongues with scrunchions and Baja Rosas. Nice trip! lol