Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CQA - Canadian Quilters Association

Lovely warm day here in St. John's - YAH!!! Yes, I'm excited as we haven't had many of those so far this spring. In fact, what is spring? This year has been a terrible one weather-wise.

I hope you are checking on my giveaway post of 1000 posts. Some one will win and it might be you.

I follow along with the Canadian Quilters Association website and blog (two different spaces). The blog has lots of interesting posts. For example, It's Time For Colour has lots of very interesting quilts on exhibit.

Today, on their Facebook page, they linked to 30 Free Tote Bag Patterns from Quilt Inspirations. It's worth a look! They also have 42 boards on Pinterest. Again, worth a look!


Canadian Quilters' Association

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  1. It's really cold and wet here today but tomorrow sounds like it will be warm and sunny. Hope so. We need some heat! I follow CQA too. I saw It's Time for Colour when it was here. Just awesome!