Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hand Embroidery

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When I was at the International Quilt Festival, Chicago, I purchased an embroidery pattern. It was one of those that required little attention. No counted threads, just follow the lines using the backstitch. It's relaxing to do and can be done when stitching with friends. One of these days, I plan to design my own.

This one was stitched on a bit of muslin and will probably become a small quilted wall hanging.

I just noticed that I forgot to stitch the titles on the three books by the basket. I'm putting the words, quilting, sewing and crafts on them instead of what's on the pattern: reading, history, and arithmetic.



  1. Such a cute pattern! Not only that, but you stitched it in blue (my favourite colour). Definitely a winner!

  2. This is darling! I love the book titles you plan to use, too!

  3. Great design Judy and yes, it is great some times just to be able to stitch and not think too much. xx

  4. Super cute! I find doing this kind of embroidery very relaxing too. I bet your design will be amazing! Can't wait to see what you come up with.