Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taking The Day Off!!!

Today, I've decided to take the day off! No sewing, no creating, no knitting, no anything in my studio. However, I'm still blogging. And by the way, don't forget my giveaway. Check back to last Wednesday to leave a comment to be eligible to win some of my work.

Check out some of these links:
Now for a few random photos from my collection. Each one could be the subject for a piece of art. Think about it. I can see hand embroidery, printing on fabric and making a collage, photo realism using fabrics and applique . . . Endless possibilities!

What do you see? Why not take out some of your photos and see where they might take you. They might be a jumping off point to get you started in another direction.


  1. Fabulous resource photos ... which one will you start first ?

  2. The one with the rock and greenery would be the easiest one to do.

  3. Fun links to explore Judy - thank you! My favourite picture is the last one - there's something about the old boat with grass growing inside. There's a story to tell I think.