Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Experimenting with Inktense Pencils & Blocks

I did a bit more testing using the Inktense Pencils and Blocks. As you can see, I decided to paint some 100% cotton boucle which I purchased in Halifax last February. The colours turned out perfectly. I was also going to paint some linen embroidery thread but couldn't remember where I poked it! I do that all the time. You would think I'd learn my lesson.

Anyway, using a paintbrush with the blocks is faster then using the pencils.

I also tried a textile medium (got so involved with that and forgot to take photos). In any case, the textile medium works well to prevent colour bleed. You just need to take your time. Refer to Carla Barrett's Inktense Fabric Paint Tutorial. It's a good reference.

Using the Blocks with a paintbrush

Colours of the rainbow (all the blocks in the box)

I wet the cotton and used an Inktense pencil

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  1. Great fun! I love the colours (obviously 'Inktense' is a perfect name!)