Friday, February 27, 2015

What Happened to Tuesday?

I know I posted on Tuesday but it has disappeared! My post was about the Sewing Portfolio shown below. I made a point of posting everyday since January. That's very confusing. I'm sure you remember seeing this on Tuesday. In fact, I had comments about this from some readers.

View #1 was an exhibit piece.
View # 2 is part of my collection.
Don't you remember me telling you about the window screen I used for the inside pockets?
And the green Velcro strip along the inside left fold. The glue is attached with the Velcro. I am soooo not good with this deletion of my post!! Oh well, time to move on!!! You'll get two posts from me today! Cheers!!!

# 1 Exhibit piece, sold

# 1, inside, partly folded to show back flap

#1 fully opened showing inside

# 2, personal collection

#2 inside view.


  1. Judy this sewing portfolio is so cleverly put together as I can not believe how many articles you can get into it. Thanks for sharing. I think i might need to make one!

  2. Thank you for showing us! Your kits are rather similar to my hussifs but I never would have thought of using window screening for pockets - brilliant! It would be lovely to see what's inside at a glance without having to wonder which pocket you put something in.

  3. See, the comments from the original Tuesday post are still here! Go figure.