Friday, February 27, 2015

Out To Lunch

Today my stitching buddies and I went to lunch at a friend's house. Lunch was delicious! We spent some time doing our own thing. I decided to knit. Verna, my Temari making friend, was teaching a couple of ladies how to do Temari balls. Over the last two years, she has made 100 Japanese Temari Ornaments. Her # 100 is the largest so far. Have a look!

# 100


  1. Judy, the Temari balls are exquisite. Does she sell them, or take orders, or are they just for her own enjoyment? I've always wanted one, but have never found any to purchase

  2. she does lovely work-love the stand too

  3. I love temari but have never attempted it myself. This ball looks incredible - such an amazing amount of detail!