Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 5 - Art Challenge, Last Day

Day 5 - Art Challenge. Today it's mostly structures. These pieces have all  been on exhibit.

'The 'Row House' wall hanging is an older piece and was purchased by the provincial government as part of the art procurement.

'Gower Street', 'Back Yard' and 'Quidi Vidi' were commissioned pieces that are in Nova Scotia.

The Fishermen's Museum, English Harbour West, is based on a photo I took a couple years ago. Each piece of 'clapboard' was stitched on one piece at a time.

'View From The Rooms' is a large textile piece based on a photo taken from the 4th floor of The Rooms. 

I challenged friend and avid quilter, Linda Coolen Smith to participate​. Linda is a member of a modern quilt guild in Halifax. Her work is beautiful. However, Linda emailed me back saying she participated in the Art Challenge last week. I thought I had gone through her posts but . . . In any event, please visit Linda's blog to see her wonderful quilts. I met Linda (had lunch with her and another quilter) last summer when I was in Nova Scotia.

Row House Wall Hanging

Gower Street - commissioned piece

Quidi Vidi - commissioned piece

Back Yard - commissioned piece
Fishermen's Museum, English Harbour West

View From The Rooms


  1. I am so glad I discovered you on the GYB tour! It's such a joy to see such colourful pieces of art while we continue to suffer through winter.

  2. These are amazing; it's so hard to believe that they are all made from pieces of fabric. I'd love to see them for real; if you have an exhibition please keep us posted well in advance.

  3. your work is just amazing and stunning-

  4. Beautiful pieces!! I thought they were photographs!!! Wow!