Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Make Your Mark!!

This year, I took over the job of librarian at the St. John's Embroidery Guild. So, my first job, was to order a few new books. One of the books was Helen Parrott's Mark Making, Fresh Inspiration for Quilt and Fiber Artists. This book was printed in 2013.

'The subject of this book is the making of stitched marks.'  There are no patterns to work from. Instead, the author shows how marks can be used in textile work. The book talks about marks, how to observing, record and collect marks, making marks on paper, making stitch marks, making it real and living a creative life.

She explains the crossover between stitch and drawing. Several hand stitched marks are discussed and demonstrated: running stitch, radiant stitch, spiral stitch, loop stitch, reef knot, French knot.

Next, machine stitched marks with the feed dogs up or down, is introduced. Some of the many variations of free-motion stitching include: single marks, massed marks, all-over stitch marks, continuous marks, layered marks, dots, webs and tufts. These various machine marks can be explored and expanded by using a variety of threads and fabrics, by layering them, changing their placement or combining them.

Coloured photos throughout the book demonstrate the various techniques discussed above. However, the real aim is to get you on the road to creating some original work by looking at the natural world. That's about it in a nut shell! It has given me lots to think about.

Mark Making


  1. thank you for the introduction to this book-sounds really good for inspiration-and a different way to look at things-I bookmarked it

  2. I've been eyeing this book for awhile so thank you for your review. I think it will be going on my wish list. (btw - I was librarian for our local quilt guild for a number of years)

  3. I have that book and I can tell you it was worth it to add it to my library!