Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fan Fare

This post is to pass on some information that might be of interest to you.

Have you heard about the Fan Fare Show? I'm just finding out about it too so learn along with me.  FAN stands for Fiber Art Now. There is a magazine but to receive this, you have to subscribe and pay for it. You can read all about the benefits of been a paid member HERE. By the way, I have NO affiliation with this company. I'm just passing on some information that you might not have come across in your web journey. There, I think I've said that twice!!

Instead of writing the following in my own words, I copied it from the Fan Fare web page:

FAN Fare is a free, online, interactive, web show devoted to inspiring and connecting the fiber arts community. Every month, FAN Fare will give viewers the opportunity to actively participate in the program and ask questions while watching the live show. Our host, Cami Smith, has been involved with Fiber Art Now since it first started. She has been building the FAN community and connecting with artists and authors for three years. Now she will connect us with some of the happenings, views, and news that she has discovered. Her natural ability to engage people makes her the perfect host for FAN Fare!

You don't have to be a paid up member to view the various videos. So if you get the chance, check them out.

You can find the Fan Fare Blog HERE.
Lots of stuff to see. Enjoy!!

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