Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Peekaboos!

Some Good Market was back in town today. Hillary Simpson, Because I Felt Like It, had posted her newest product: The Peekaboos, on Face Book! She is making these in collaboration with Pottery With A Purpose.

Her cute pincushions caught my eye on Face Book and I just had to see them. Did I get one? Yes! Two of them. One for me and one for Gale. Gale has a gray kitten and her favorite colours are pink and purple so you know which one is for her. Me, the bright red pot caught my attention.

Here's a few of the items Hillary had today:


  1. Oh gosh!! I would have had MY wallet out too!
    xx, Carol

  2. so cute! I love that bunny in the bright green knittted hoodie.

  3. They're adorable. I'd never be able to pick just one.

  4. Such cute pincushions (but I could never bring myself to stick a pin into either of them!). I also like the goldfinch I spy on the table.