Friday, April 21, 2017

Temari Ornaments

I don't know what's up with blogger but yesterday, Wednesday's post didn't show so I re-posted it to Thursday! Now I notice that there is no Thursday post when I did the post yesterday. I give up! Go figure . .

In any case, I've missed a day in April!

Verna has been busy with creating more Temari Ornaments. Did I mention that Lorraine, at Colour Compliments, has commissioned her to make a few more Temari? Verna uses Lorraine's hand dyed threads.

I believe I've shown this one before but whose counting. I wasn't sure when I took the photo this afternoon.


  1. Her work is gorgeous.

  2. Blog-grrrr is on a tear the past couple of days. Not quite sure what's got her knickers in a twist, but it's most annoying. Hopefully all will rectify in the next day or two. Such beautiful temari works once again.