Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 1st.

Nope! This is not an April Fool's joke! This is my back garden NOW - when is it going to end?

I would much rather see flowers peeping through the ground. However, I will console myself with these tiny flowers instead. The Fibre Art Pendants are part of an order for the Newfoundland Weavery, downtown St. John's.

Here's a look of work in progress. Note the styrofoam tray and the Pringles chips plastic cover.  The plastic is great for holding glue and fabric stiffener. When the glue dries, it's easy to peal off the plastic.

I also recycle plastic zip lock bags as they help keep things organized. Of course, they are washed out!

I hope Spring has found you wherever you are . . .


  1. We still have snow too, Judy and they are saying more tonight. Aaarrgh...I am done with snow. I can't wait to see how all the tulips I planted last fall will do.

  2. Love all the stained special. We just had 3 days of snow/freezing rain back to snow but no wind like you have had. So we are still white and icy too. But soon...

  3. One and a half days of sunshine here - supposed to start to pour tonight and continue for a few days. Better than the white stuff, but still depressing.

  4. I did say I liked snow but enough is Love the pendants and thanks for a peek of the process and the links.