Sunday, April 9, 2017

Needle Felting

This afternoon, with the sun shining in my studio window, I did a bit of needle felting. I totally ignored my felting machine as I wanted to see how long it would take to do a piece 4" x 6" using a single needle. The felting machine is much faster. However, on another note, the surface texture was more pronounced than from the machine. The machine tends to flatten the piece out. Flattening out isn't an issue, as that can be fixed with the addition of more fibres and gently felting into them.

I started out with two pieces of dark gray felt and added wool roving, bits of cut up felt and yarns.

 Usually, using a sparkly thread, l will free motion stitch over a piece that will be used for wearable art. I didn't do that for the first two pendants below. Instead, I hand stitched into the felt.

You can see the back stitch in the oval. I used lime green purle cotton #5

beading completes the pieces (colours are a bit off in this shot)


  1. As always, your work is so pretty. A friend has a felting machine and I tried it out once. It was fun to play with but I won't be getting one for myself. Somewhere in my stash I have some hand needles lurking....