Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today I managed to get a little painting done. I have one art card with flowers left so more are needed for the Trade Show next week in Halifax. My base is the interfacing used to stiffen the top part in making draperies. It can be purchased in rolls that are about 4 inches wide or by the metre / yard. I paint the grass and sky then add stitching. I use bobbin stitching for the stem and leaves and free motion for the flowers. Usually the flowers are either hand stitched or free motioned on organza and then hand stitched to the background. Have a look at a previous post for more samples of these cards. HERE for felted cards and HERE for iceberg cards.


Lots of painted strips for art cards


  1. Your little art pieces are wonderful, thank you for showing how you market them, and for the links.

  2. how innovative to use that stiffening - it gives the picture a lovely texture! Those cards would be sure to brighten anyones day!

  3. Thank you for explaining how you make them. They are so beautiful and would gorgeous in a frame on the wall of my craft room