Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Inktense Water Soluble Ink Pencils and Blocks

Are you familiar with the Inktense Water Soluble Ink Pencils and Blocks by Derwent? They are similar to watercolour pencils but with a significant difference. When you add water, Inktense pencils and blocks produces ink and not watercolour paint. Once it has dried, the ink is waterproof instead of remaining water-soluble like the watercolour ones.

As a result you can add layers of different colours to your work, whether it's on paper or fabric. For more information, go HERE. Check HERE for a fabric painting demo using the Inktense pencils.

I have both the pencils and the ink blocks. At the moment, I'm doing a bit of research on them (I've had both for awhile but just did not take the time to do any experimenting). The time has come . . .! The embroidery machine is working away downstairs so something productive is happening.

I just viewed a short video clip on printmaking with Intense Blocks. I can see potential with that method!

Check out these images using the Intense Ink Pencils and Ink Blocks.

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