Monday, January 26, 2015

Sailboat Shimmer

Well, I have another new shimmer to add to my collection - a sailboat. I'm pleased with this one. However, I did have one setback (my own stupidity). I had a whole sheet of sailboats finished. My machine has 10 needles so I can set the colours for each needle, which I did. Started the machine to stitch the sails and left. Went back when the sewing was finished and saw that the sails were green not white! I thought the number three needle had white thread. Lesson learned - wait until I actually see which colour is stitching. As a result, I scrapped those shimmers, at least for the time been.

Here's my largest hoop with a finished sheet of shimmers. These photos were taken in the evening. I prefer to take them in daylight. The background in the last photo should be white. I didn't do any colour balance etc. with it. Also the water is a dark blue. Not sure I like that with a black boat. I will experiment more with thread colours tomorrow.

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Close-up from hoop 

Finished shimmer ornament


  1. hi Judy.Nice to meet you.I think I should have written more about myself but I had just had week of 70thbirthday celebrations.A weekend with the family and then four days in Paris.I got back and realised it was the 25th so had to do it quickly'!!!

  2. How utterly beautiful. I am sending my friend the link to your gorgeous blog. She will love it too. xxx