Monday, April 14, 2014

Sewing Portifolio (2)

Sharon Boggon, from Pintangle, posted about What is a Hussif . I'm not going to rewrite what she has written as you can visit her blog to do that. She has made her own hussif in the crazy quilting / embroidery style. I, too have been interested in making sewing cases for carrying my stitching project supplies. A few years ago, I designed and created my very own and entered it in a show. It sold! Then, of course, I had to make another one for myself.

Closed, it measures 8" x 12" and when opened, it is 12" x 25". I used Bali Batiks for this project with nylon window screen used for the inside pockets. Some machine embroidery has been added to the pocket edges with variegated embroidery thread. I considered using fabric for the pockets but then I would never know what's inside them. As you can see, the front has been embellished with some of my Fantasy Fish. A magnetic bag clasp keeps it together. I added a length of green Velcro along one fold to hold small things such as a glue stick. The cotton threads are strung on a cord with a plastic toggle which keeps the threads from sliding off. There is a place for most of my small sewing / embroidery gadgets and supplies!

I did post about this same project in 2010. However, this post has more close up photos.

The back of sewing portfolio with another pocket

Nylon window screen is used for inside pockets.

Note the clasp on cord to hold small pair of scissors and the
toggle on the cord beneath the threads,

The edges of the nylon window screen are embroidered

Velcro is used so needle case, pincushion and holder can be removed

Fold over pocket

Velcro stuck to the glue


  1. This project is incredible on so many levels. The use of window screening, the inventive use of Velcro (even on a glue stick) and those adorable fantasy fish. So, my only problem is whether to put this on my list before the Temari balls, or after.