Monday, April 21, 2014

Fabric Selection

Today I selected several pieces of bright coloured fabric from my stash. The time has come to make a few more Wearable Art Pins: Row Houses. My supply has dwindled and I need more.

Hopefully, I'll get a start on actually doing the surface embellishments tomorrow. Anyway, have a look at the fabrics I pulled out and the one I finally selected. Since the pins are small, I try to start with a bright base. Then small bits and pieces of shiny, glitzy stuff are laid on the surface of the fabric. I keep the scale of the art pins in mind so that the yarns and other embellishments don't over power the end result.

Sulky Totally Stable Iron-on Tear-Away Stabilizer is ironed to the back of the fabric. This product is a tear-away stabilizer that provides support, and prevents puckering. It's perfect for applique, decorative stitching, buttonholes, delicate fabrics, quilt templates, and more. I like it because it is quick to iron on the back of my fabric and is perfect for the free motion stitching I do on the fabric surface.

Check back to see the next steps.


  1. Can't wait to see how you'll go on to create your pins!

  2. So many beautiful fabrics.......too little time. It must have been hard to just pick one.