Thursday, April 10, 2014

Transfer Paints

My friend and I spent the day experimenting with Transprint Inks by Kraftkolour. These Inks are concentrated Disperse Dyes for use on man made fibres such as polyester, nylon and poly cotton blend fabrics for transfer printing. I've used them before but not for awhile. The dyes were painted onto copy paper with various sizes of brushes, sponge brushes and stamps. After the painted papers were dry, we transferred the images by ironing with a hot iron onto poly cotton, Lutradur, organza and drapery interfacing.

Some of the colours were quite intense when transferred while others were not. I have the book, Color Moves, Transfer Paints on Fabric by Linda Kemshall. This is a very comprehensive book on using transfer paints. To date, I haven't used any transfer painted fabric in any specific project. I can see using some hand / machine stitching in combination with a transferred image.
Front Cover
Here's a few photos from today's experiments:

Drapery Interfacing



  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Thank you for sharing your results. I've used non-fusible heavy weight interfacing. Is the drapery interfacing much different?

  2. Hi Judy, So good to see your results based on Linda's book. I was in the first class she ever taught in North America and she taught us the technique from which this book transpired - thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories.
    Hope you are well - will you be at Quilt Canada in June?