Thursday, April 3, 2014

$ Shop Find

My quilting friends sometimes ask if I still find good 'stuff ' at the $ Shop. A couple years ago at Quilt Guild, I would share my finds during Tips & Tools. Well, I found another great little quilt / craft tool, Craft Clamps, at Buck or Two the other day. There are 6 clamps with a really good grip for $1.50. The tips and hand grip are molded rubbery plastic and so do not slip off easily. I've looked at Clovers Wonder Clips but opted not to purchase them. As I don't quilt in the traditional sense, I thought they were rather pricy for just occasional use. These craft clamps will do the trick of holding any fabric project I will do!

I did find a blog post at Sew Fearless, about the Clover Wonder Clips versus Binder Clips. It's worth a read. There's also a product review of Clover's Wonder Clips HERE at Lazy Girl Designs.


  1. I also looked at Clover Wonder Clips but thought they were pricey, especially for very occasional use. These look great.

  2. Great idea and a good deal on the clamps!