Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bunny Treat Bags

A few days ago, in my post, Where's Spring, I listed a few spring / Easter projects to view. Well, I thought the Bunny Treat Bags were so cute that I decided to make a few. They are small and light weight so are easy and inexpensive to mail. Just don't fill them! Someone else can do that. Don't the colours just ooze Spring?

The last photo is a view out the back patio door - more like Christmas than spring which brings up the possibility of turning these into reindeer treat bags. Just change the colours and the ears! I'm sure there are other animals with distinctive ears to use as well? Think about it . . .


  1. Charming spring weather we're having, isn't it, Judy? Those bags are the cutest. Our boys always got their Easter treats in flannel bags with little printed bunnies, but I never thought of ears :)

  2. OMG - those treat bags are adorable. I know a certain little sweetie that I need to make those for! So cute!

  3. Cute bags! Love the view out your patio door... much like our view!

  4. They're adorable and you're right, it wouldn't take much to change them to a different animal.