Friday, June 4, 2010

Icebergs In June - Alexis Templeton Studio

Alexis Templeton is a potter who lives and works in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. I fell in love with her work years ago and as a result, own pieces of her work. Whenever I have company, some of her pottery makes an appearance.
Her studio's theme at the moment is Icebergs in June. As she writes on her card, "June is often when icebergs arrive on our shores - if they're going to come at all, of course. To celebrate a phenomena that never fails to take out breath away, I've invited local artists to help fill the studio with their interpretations of these majestic ice castles." The crystalline iceberg plates featured in the picture will be included too. These plates are fantastic! I will be adding one of these to my collection.
Featured Artists include
Cara and Pam of the Grumpy Goat Studio
Janet Davis' print Spring Ice, Norton's Cove Studio
King's Point Photography by David Hayashida, King's Point Pottery
Judy Cooper, Textile Designs  Iceberg Art Cards,
Christine Koch's prints Iceberg with Aurora I and II
Diana Dabinett's silk painting
Glace, Rare Iceberg water

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