Saturday, June 5, 2010

Piecemakers' Banner

 I had an email from my friend, Judith, in British Columbia yesterday. She sent me this picture. It was posted in the local Chilliwack paper, titled Fraser Valley countryside unfurled on Piecemakers' banner.
From left, Lyn Robinson, Pauline Thompson, Janet Skulsky, Judith Peckham and Sandra Lounsbury. These quilters are some of the members of the Chilliwack Piecemakers Quilting Guild who helped create this banner of the Fraser Valley.
Check out the news article here.
The first thing I saw on the photo was the blue sky! Why, you wonder, was that so special? Up to that point, we hadn't seen much sun for the last two months! It was getting depressing. Well today made up for a bit of that. It was a gorgeous, warm sunny day and I spent most of it outside. Let's hope we get more days like today. 

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