Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Dandelion

What to write about? That is sometimes a dilemma. However . . . I just checked one of the blog updates and came across some interesting embroidery. This is the time of year we see lots and lots of dandelion flowers growing. Did I say flower - well those yellow weeds you see everywhere. My mother has often said that when she goes not to waste money on flowers but to just pick a few old dandelions for her. Morbid, I know, as she is alive and kicking at 88, but when I was a wee child, I picked many a yellow dandelion and presented them to her. In fact, all of my landscapes have a few yellow French knots to represent those flowers.
You can see an embroidered dandelion here. This is not a free pattern but I thought it was interesting. But you will find a nice embroidery pattern from Devon Bear Designs and another one from Robert Kaufman.      Here's a small dandelion fibre art quilt to see.

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