Thursday, June 10, 2010

Patchwork Pattern Maker

Isn't the internet wonderful! Regardless of where you are (and you have an internet connection), you can read about all kinds of things. I just came across a reference to the Patchwork Pattern Maker on the Victoria & Albert Museum site.  This on-line program allows you to transform any image into a patchwork quilt. All you have to do is upload any image and convert it instantly into your own quilt pattern. Here's the photo I just did and the pattern made from it. This one is medium complexity (20 x 20 squares). I'm assuming the squares can be any size you want. Give it a try. It's quite easy to do!
This piece was a test for a larger one with five houses. It needs quilting in the sky as it sags a bit.


  1. What fun! I uploaded some photos and created patterns at different levels of difficulty. I also sent the link to a friend who has just returned from the V & A Museum. It was interesting experimenting with images to see which ones would make good patchwork. Not sure about tackling a quilt with all those squares though. Love your blog. There's always something new and interesting.

  2. I recognised the street right away! Very lovely, beautiful work. Congratulations.