Friday, February 2, 2018

St. John's Visit

I've been in St. John's since Tuesday morning. My flight was one of the few that got out of Halifax during the snow fall. Needless to say, the time flew by so quickly. Tomorrow afternoon, I head back home. 
This trip was personal and business related. It was great to meet up with friends. Thanks, M and B for your hospitality - much appreciated! It will be reciprocated when you visit our home in Nova Scotia.

I got everything done on my list. My last visit will be Some Good Market tomorrow morning.

Here are a few photos of Verna's newest Temari Ball Ornaments. These were taken this afternoon when a bunch of us got together for our regular monthly stitch meeting. They waited until I was home.

work in progress

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  1. Your friends has to be the temari ball queen!! I don't think I've ever seen any as beautiful as hers.