Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lynn's Quilting Studio

My 10 needle Brother embroidery machine has developed a couple of problems which means it needs a service. I went on-line to discover that just 12.5 km away, in Auburndale, is Lynn's Quilting Studio. Well, Lynn is a Brother rep and services the machines. In fact, her first introduction to servicing embroidery machines, was on one just like mine. After giving her a run down on my machine's problem and the code that was displayed on the computer screen, Lynn was able to pin point the cause of my problem. I hope it will be an easy fix. So, she is making a house call on Monday morning.

I spent the morning in her quilting studio. Her real passion is her longarm Gammill quilting machine which is in the main house. She is up early each morning, quilting on the machine as she has many customers seeking her services.

I am so glad I discovered this little gem of a shop. Her fabrics are quilt lovely and reasonably priced.

If you are a quilter /sewer, then Lynn's Quilting Studio, should be a destination. The shop is on a 90 acre lot and can't be seen from the road, so you have to look carefully for her sign. Even better, put the address into a GPS (which I did) and it's easy to find.

Here's a few photos of her place. Click on the photos to get a closer view.


Lots of Christmas cottons!

More Christmas fabrics on the bottom


  1. Looks like an inspirational place to visit. I know I'd be parting with just a wee bit of cash if I were

  2. I will be down that way next month so I will drop by her shop for a visit. Hope your machine gets back to work real soon.