Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Booth at the Christmas Craft Fair

The Christmas Craft Fair is over for another year! Five very busy, successful, days!!

I had a corner booth, sized 8' x 12'. This time, I decided to have a separate display for the Shimmers (blue board below). I was going to drape black fabric over the blue board but decided to leave it. The blue matched the drapes in the stadium. Lots of Shimmers will have new homes this Christmas!

A hugh thank you to everyone who visited my booth and to those who purchased my textile art pieces.

This shows all my Shimmer Ornaments

Fibre Lace Scarves


  1. Glad to hear you did well Judy! Your things are beautiful and I'm happy to know that others thought the same. Good for you (bet you're glad it's over though!).

  2. Have fond memories of taking in this big fair each year, and even chatting with you, Judy, one time. Your booth is always beautiful and well attended. Congrats!

  3. Glad it was a successful show for you Judy. It's always rewarding when the hard work pays off.