Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Pendants

Here are a few new Fibre Art Pendants. The backgrounds have been needle felted then stitched with matching thread. Metallic threads are used for the objects (except the poinsettia). All original designs were stitched on a Brother PR 1000e, 10 needle embroidery machine. Of course, we can convert the designs to be stitched on any machine out there. Other designs include a sailboat, anchor, another tree, and an abstract three triangles in a circle.

Various background colours: wine, black, blue, turquoise, dark gray. I will also be experimenting with a felted background using various colours.

The maple leaf really stands out. I've had lots of compliments on that one (it's the only one I've worn yet and have kept one for me).


  1. I like all your designs, but have to admit that the leaf and the tree are favourites. I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling these.

  2. I agree with the previous comment from Magpie's Mumblings.