Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shimmers and Cake!!

It's time to take the bull by the horns and get back to posting. One of the minor problems I'm having is not having my photos on my machine. I got this new tablet just before we left in May and as a result, most of my photos are on a portable hard drive (somewhere among my husband's stuff) and on my phone. So instead of transferring my phone photos to computer (long story), I have been emailing them to me and using them that way. Got to get all this fixed soon.

Today I finished stitching the last of the new Shimmer Ornaments (elves below). They still have to be trimmed with the burning tool and packaged but that's minor in the scheme of things. All my ornaments come packaged as you see below in the second photo. They can be put in a card and mailed anywhere in the world (cheaper than sending a package).

These elves are drying before cutting apart.

Packaged, ready to go!
The Gingerbread House was designed by my daughter, Jill. You can see her art at:
and on instagram: @jtcartist.
Her paintings are amazing!  
Designed by my daughter, Jill T. Cooper
These shimmers are mummers. Mummering is an old Newfoundland tradition. Read about it HERE
This 24 inch tree was purchased at Home Depot. It has a 6 hour timer for the lights which works out perfectly.
Tree for displaying Shimmers at the fair
Tonight I baked my dark Christmas Fruitcake. This is my mom's old recipe and the best one I've ever tasted. However, mine cracked on the top even though I spread it over with a knife dipped in hot water before baking (mom's tip). It didn't work for me - again!! However, it smells great and I know it will melt in the mouth!


  1. Yummm.....for both the cake and the shimmers.

  2. Cracks in cakes don't matter one bit - it's the taste that counts and yours looks yummy! And more pretty shimmers too - my favourite is the gingerbread house.