Thursday, November 17, 2016

New to Studio

November 17th and this was the temperature in the back garden this afternoon:
A new 12 needle felting machine or embellisher, as they are called in industry, was added to my studio yesterday.  This one replaces my 5 needle felting machine. The 5 needle machine is in excellent condition but the 12 needle one is much faster for my needs. I will be selling the older one.

An added feature of the new machine is a holder for yarn and a place to thread the yarn so that it comes out by the needles for easy felting. I am making a few new needle felted Wearable Art Pins to replace the ones sold at the Christmas Craft Fair. There is also a place on the front of the embellisher foot to thread ribbon. I'm looking forward to 'playing' with this new machine!!

Here are a few felted projects / tutorials to check:

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