Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wine Time!!

I made a mug mat this morning. Now I'm enjoying a glass of wine while writing this post. I think the wine glass looks great on my new mat!

Why is making a mug mat significant? Well, the pre-cut fusible applique is our own design and cut on our Klic-N-Kut Maxx Air machine. This machine has been sitting around for the last year and we finally got some time to experiment with it. It does an amazing job of cutting the fabric. So far, I've been using batiks with Heat N' Bond Lite on the back. Any shape designed on the computer can be sent to the machine for cutting. I'm thinking silhouettes in the near future!

I will have a few packaged pumpkins and leaves at Some Good Market this coming Saturday. There will be in a limited supply of these! 

Cutting out leaves

Another set of leaves. Lifting the fabric from around the cut-outs

Leaves that were just cut and still on the mat

Close -up view & I just noticed the thread on the pumpkin!! Bummer!

Valdani Threads were used for the pumpkin outline.


  1. Cute mug rug. That looks like quite the machine.

  2. Hi, Linda. It is quite the machine. We are just doing some simple shapes to get the hang of adjusting the cutters and working through the process.

  3. I adore the mug rug and that machine is impressive.

    1. The mug rug is very simple. If I'd had the energy / time, I would have done some other applique / stitching. Next time. The machine is a nice one.

  4. That machine must be a huge time saver when you're cutting out small shapes. Your mug rug is perfect (not for me, tho', because I'm a coffee slopper).

  5. It is a time saver but so far, I haven't done much with small shapes. There is also a learning curve with the software so I'm just glad my husband does that stuff.

  6. What a great mug rug. Your shapes are awesome.

  7. What a cute little mug rug! Have fun learning how to use your cutting machine. It looks cool!