Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work Table

I have been working on my Fibre Art Pendants. My work table is filled with beads and other assorted tools. Selecting which beads to use and stitch on the little pieces of fibre art takes time. One of the most useful tools that I have for beading (in my opinion) is the bead tray that I purchased at the $ Shop a few years ago. I find that the $ Shops have lots of cheap, useful items for crafters.

Watch maker cases from Lee Valley Tools

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  1. I have both the tray and the tins. The tray is great and I use it for embossing powders, as well. I've been using the watch maker tins for storing small embellishments but I like your idea of using them for the beads, your working with. It looks much better than having a bunch of little plastic bags on my work table. Thanks for the tip.