Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celtic, Viking & Anglo-Saxon Embroidery

Celtic, Viking & Anglo-Saxon Embroidery by Jan Messent also found its way into my library collection. This particular book combines embroidery, writing, artwork, history and books (altered books created by the author). Each altered book represents a chapter that follows on from the previous one and includes textiles, stitches, clothing and accessories. "Historical facts are ingeniously interwoven with contemporary renditions of ancient artworks, bringing to life the ancient skills of Celtic, Viking and Anglo-Saxon women, and celebrating the centuries-old tradition of embroidery in England that has served as a foundation for present-day excellence."

Other books by Jan Messent include:
  • The Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderers' Story
  • Embroidered Portraits: Ideas, Inspiration and Techniques
  • Jan Messent's World of Embroidery
  • Knitted Gardens: Imaginative Designs, practical and Decorative, All with a Garden Flavour
  • The Embroiderer's Workbook (I have that one)
  • Embroidery & Nature (I own this one too)
I could not find any web site or blog by Jan Messent. However, the Basingstoke Embroiderers' Guild has an article about her.



  1. Sounds like an interesting book. Will have to read up on the author. thanks for sharing!

  2. Another amazing book that I would also recommend. It would appear that we have similar tastes in books.