Sunday, March 9, 2014


Thursday I showed you some work in progress. Well, the needle felting has turned into pendants. I have also added some beading to further enhance the design. In a few (not shown) I have not added beads as I think the embellished felt looks great as is. These are metal (lead & nickel free) in 5 different colours: pewter, silver, black, copper, and antique gold. These pendants measure approximately 1" x 2". I am also ordering the 1" x 1" pendant sizes and 24"chains to match the 5 colours. The green in the first photo is darker than shown.


  1. these would be great as a "group" identifier -- instantly recognizeable as a sign of a crafty person for sure!

    1. You are right, they would be a great "group" identifier.

  2. Sew Cool!!!!! love them! Are they very hard to make, getting them framed in the silver I think might be tricky.
    in stitches

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous. The details and embellishment are exquisite. I'd have to own more than one.

  4. Trying again as I was unable to finish. These are a GREAT idea and so attractive!

  5. What a wonderful idea! I have been saving yarn ends in the hope to find something to do with them, and this might be it ....

  6. I missed this post! They are great!