Monday, February 17, 2014

Today's Sewing Tip

Years ago, my friend gave me a very useful gift to keep beside my sewing machine. It is for holding sewing machine needles. If you are doing a lot of different kinds of sewing and always changing needles, then you need a way to keep track of which one is in the machine. This little case is quite helpful for doing that. The hair clip (Dollar Shop find), placed in the small pocket, indicates which needle is currently in the machine. You can choose to place the slightly used needle back in the case or, as I did, stick it beside it. The dimensions are approximately 6" x 11". Clear plastic pockets hold the plastic cases.
Another method that I use, is to stick the plastic case of needles currently in use, on the side of my machine, with sticky tack (blue stuff that is used to stick posters and other stuff on walls). I prefer this method over all the others. It is quick to do when time is a factor.
  • I came across a needle sorting pin cushion at Gen X Quilters. This one would make a great gift for yourself or to give away to a friend.  
  • Whimsey Box has a similar method for storing sewing machine needles in a pincushion as above.
  • Two Kitties shares their idea for storing needles (similar to the first one I mentioned).
Folded Machine Needle Keeper

Hanging beside my maachine