Sunday, February 2, 2014

ACTS update

Yesterday was very busy at the Atlantic Canada Trade Show in downtown Halifax. I met lots of interesting people, did some business and attended the Awards Ceremony after the show closed for the day. My tablet and portable printer worked flawlessly.

There were four nominated awards, in which Newfoundland Labrador, won two of them.
Today I am attending a lecture (with breakfast) at 8 am. Thank goodness I don't have to dress up and go outside since the hotel is connected via indoors to the convention center.


  1. Dear Judy, thanks for entering by giveaway last week - you won the om necklace! Well done! Blogger won't let me open the email link on your profile link, so could you use the Contact Form on my blog to send your snail mail address, please?
    And please feel free to enter this week's giveaway, if you so wish :)

  2. Thank you for all the work you do for artists and artisans!